Music Update

Currently, we're using a dark folk songs as a references for one of the main theme songs. The final planned music will be similar to a Disney's songs, with darker tones added to the song itself. And to this day, this one is the most finished song of all WIPs. 

But that doesn't means the other WIPs aren't in progress yet lol. The other will be similar to a cabaret music with, of course dark tones. Some of them will having a jazz element. We'll keep it a secret for now teehee

We're planning to have each music corresponding to each scenes. But right now, we're focusing on 5 WIPs. Which are: town theme, police theme, first cutscene theme, being-chased-by-villain theme, and game over theme. So we will reach our target next week to finish our first prototype.

In the next update, we'll be attaching a link so you guys can hear the final music(s). Many critics appreciated!



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